Kogan - The best value LCD TV
s in Australia
Kogan - The best value LCD TVs in Australia
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Professional LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Buying Guide - Reviews by the Audio Visual professionals!

LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Buying Guide Publication

Anyone interested in purchasing an LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV should read 'The Audio Visual Essentials Guide'. This book has over 30 pages of essential audio visual facts:
  • Discover how HDTV is broadcasted and how you can receive HDTV in your home
  • Discover the technical differences between LCD TV's, LED TV's and Plasma TV's. Why buy one over the other?
  • What is full high definition, high definition and standard definition?
  • What is resolution and how is it important when deciding what to purchase?
  • Aspect ratio explained, and how does it affect picture quality
  • Video Connections: Composite, Component, S-Video, DVI, HDMI digital or analog. What are they, how do they affect performance and what should you be looking for when purchasing an audio visual device? Don't waste your money by buying a TV and getting a terrible picture because you connected it incorrectly!
  • Learn about Foxtel. Is its picture quality good? What does Foxtel offer over free to air TV? What does free to air TV offer over Foxtel?
  • Analog tuners, what are they and how do they differ to a STB?
  • Discover where the STB sits, why sometimes it is needed and what it actually does
The Audio Visual Essentials Guide is a must for those wishing to discover the technology, but yet technical enough for those who wish to expand on what they already know. In the LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Review guide, our professional audio and visual reviewers use the theory to put LCD, LED and plasma displays to the test. In all, there is over 80 full colour pages of detailed information exist in the 3 different guides - A must read for anyone who is serious about purchasing an LCD or Plasma TV!

The LCD and Plasma TV Buying Guide has been reviewed and officially approved by the following manufacturers of LCD and Plasma TV's:
  • LG Australia
  • NEC Australia
  • Panasonic Australia
  • Fujitsu Australia
  • Pioneer Australia
  • Sharp Australia
  • Acer Australia

We've sold 1000's of these guides to readers keen for more information on the technology. 1000's cant be wrong!

Sounds Interesting? A highly recommended read

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WARNING: Purchasing plasma TV's at auctions: According to the Australian Trade Practices act, manufactures warranty is legally void if any product is bought at an auction. This includes E-Bay Auctions, even if the product is new!
Kogan - The best value LCD TVs in Australia
Kogan - The best value LCD TVs in Austra lia

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